Sunday, October 30, 2005

Amazing Thailand, Bangkok 2005

I visited Bangkok with three of my amigoes from 19 Oct to 23 Oct....
and finally, completed uploading and captioning some of the pictures which I hope will take you with me on our journey through this city of shopping, food, magic, nightlife, culture and religion.

Girl swimming in the Chao Phraya river

Taking on the Dragon

Girl praying at the Four Face Buddha

Boy begging for alms at a busy traffic junction

And, if you still want to see more, there's my photo gallery,
Click on this picture to go there now!... enjoy!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Back from the Land of Smiles

Sawasdee! :-)

traffic was a killer...actually, traffic ain't that bad, it may look packed like this at rush hour but the traffic moves.

Ah... home sweet home, just came back from Bangkok this evening.

Five days and four nights away in a colourful city of bazaars, street hawkers, crazy tuk tuk drivers, speeding taxis, shopping malls with SEEMINGLY ENDLESS floorspace, massage palours, Buddhist temples, jam packed roads, Go-Go Bars, giant bowls of sharksfin soup, piping hot tom yum goong, smiles with clasped hands and of course, tourists... lots of tourists just like us.

Five days and four nights of sleeping late, bacon and eggs for breakfast, walking and more walking, (intensive) bargaining, ice cream, shopping, walking, eating, shopping..... walking, eating, shopping... man I'm tired, but I promise that in a week or two I will do a follow up on this with the pictures that I've taken in Bangkok..

this is just a teaser.. ;p stay tuned!


Monday, October 17, 2005


A vendor in Chinatown sitting next to a Chinese calligraphy work with the character "Ai" or Love

SDU just sent me a letter telling me that I've been made a member by default and that I can join in the activities blah blah... haven't really gone through the whole brochure yet... which incidentally has a chio bu on the front and it reads "A Gift To Jumpstart Your Social Life".

Of course, SDU stands for Social Development Unit, an institution to help graduates get hitched with other graduate people.

In Singapore, everything is so institutionalized since the day we're born... in this case, even dating is.. The letter by the way came in a white envelope with the words "On Government Service" printed in bold blue words next to the National Coat of Arms. I thought I was in some kind of trouble when I first looked at it.. heheh..

Just like me, thousands of fresh graduates must have gotten this letter and I won't be surprised if I were to meet many familiar faces at their activities.

This scenario is not too unforeseeable;

"So, why didn't you come up to me when I was in your class? :)"

"Oh I had to study for quiz leh... no time for girls... let alone you... no life!"

"What makes you think you have time for girls now?"

"Just like in school, I also wanna top this class leh..."


Perhaps I'll check it out, who said a little "JUMP STARTING" would hurt? ;)

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Run along with me...

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Cars and Girls

Yes, another car give-away!...

Last Saturday, Sony Ericsson held a treasure hunt for one of ten teams to win a new Volkswagen Beetle. The competition was sort of a mini amazing race where teams had to race around Singapore in groovy old Volkswagen beetles, driven by their owners of course to various locations. They would report back their progress via video calls using issued Sony Ericsson phones before moving on to the next checkpoint. I was one of three photographers that day and I tagged along with one of the roaming vehicles to snap some of the action...!!!

The briefing: The race started off at Millenia walk where the road show was held

Herbie theme: The Line up of beetles ready to speed off to their first destination!

Thumbs up: One of the beetle drivers

Go Go Go: A contestant arriving at the checkpoint

Check Point 1: The Sony Ericsson office located at the SLF building, oh look at the friendly native here to greet us

Last stop: Riverside point, hey, isn't that the same guy?

On their hands and knees: We'll do just about anything to win the car !

Winning Smiles: The teams on arriving back at Millenia walk had to look for the key hidden somewhere in the building, and it was found way before all the other teams returned

Sadly, I didn't catch the winning moment on camera as I was still stranded at the last checkpoint when news that the car had already been won reached us.

And of course,
the most important part of this post is here...

Auto Babe

Auto babes aside, this assignment was by far the most exciting and enriching as I got to learn a thing or two by observing other photographers more Lao Jiao (experienced) than me in action.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Daddy, I want this one!

wait till ur older son, COE prices might be even lower!!!

I took this last Sunday when I was covering a car giveaway at the Singapore EXPO. Some lucky dude walked away with a volkswagen polo... When can I get one?

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Se7en Crazy Things

Seven things you plan to do before you die:
1. Become filthy rich
2. Have sex on the beach
3. Visit Tibet, Hawaii and Normandy
4. Attend a blink182 concert
5. Invent a solar powered torch light
6. Make a war movie
7. Live (not everyone can do this well)

Seven things I could do:
(note ah.. could do, not can do)
1. Learn to drive a monster truck/race car
2. Be the next Frank Sinatra/Nat King Cole
3. Give more to underdog charities
4. Shoot photos for playboy/sports illustrated magazine
5. Pick up some vice
6. Learn an Alien language
7. I could run around town naked... but I wouldn't

Seven Celebrity crushes:
(I wouldn't really say they are crushes, except for the 1st one)
1. Vanessa Mae
2. Lucy Liu
3. Wong Li Lin
4. Catherine Zeta Jones
5. Christina Applegate
6. Jennifer Garner (Alias)
7. Eva Mendes (Hitch)

Seven often repeated words:
1. nabeh
2. Ta-ma-de
3. Oh FUCK! (spontaneously uttered)
4. Shit
5. Faggot
6. steady la pundeh!
7. good morning sir (this one's going to be dropped from the list real soon! - will be replaced with "cheebye")

Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:
1. Nice smile
2. Nice Ass (not necessarily bigger)
3. not too fat... not too thin either
4. Someone with a little bit of Boobs, note: not airport runway can already
5. Someone who dosen't look like a Pontianak/Ugly Hooker when she gets out of bed
6. Someone who dosen't look like a Pontianak/Hooker after she puts on her make up
7. Good skin (although the skin on my face looks like it got hit by tiny cluster bombs)

Seven tags go to:
1. everyone
2. reading
3. this
4. blog.
5. Yes,
6. thats
7. YOU!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Battle for Orchard Road

I've always imagined the traffic light crossing to be a battlefield where two armies amass at each side and clash at the middle in a bloody skirmish

I've decided to include the following three pics because, in the above picture, even if zoomed in, it would be too small to show any of the details.

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