Sunday, July 30, 2006

Not Enough Sleep!

How much is enough sleep? In the Army, a minimum of Seven hours is the magic number (as spelt out in the training doctrine). In University, 3-4 hours will suffice. I slept through many lectures anyway and somehow managed to graduate.

In working life however, I can't afford to even look stoney at the computer. The post lunch hour is hell to get through as the smooth muscles work extra hard to disgest the food, depriving the brain of much needed blood.

The 3 in 1 "GoldRoast" Coffee provided in the pantry then comes in handy. I try to limit my intake to one cuppa everyday. Having a false/forced sense of alertness induced by the caffeine isn't very healthy. That said, I think I better hit the sack now if I don't wanna exceed my "legal" limit tomorrow. Little sleep coupled with the Monday blues.... it's gonna be One Long Day.......

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Eye the city exhibition

Hey folks..

"Eye the City" Exhibition is going on at
the Central Lending Library,
National Library (Basement level)
from now till 31 July 2006.
Time: 1000-2100 hours
Admission is Free!


IN case you're wonder wtf I'm talking about,

Eye the city is a visual account of the events that occured on the last day of the year in Singapore. This exhibition features pictures taken on last new year's eve, 31st December 2005... and anyone can take part. 100 pieces are featured at the exibition.. and so is mine!!!! YEAH!

Drawn to this project when I viewed the previous year's work, I signed up and set off on a little walk around town in the late morning on the last day of 2005. To be honest with you, it was a shitty day for picture taking.. town was quiet, the blind dude busking at the Orchard Road underpass was taking a break, the underground space @ the Esplanade where teenagers practiced their breakdancing and juggling skills was empty... and the air was humid and still, a prelude to the unusually heavy monsoon rain storm that was to follow that afternoon.

So, the last place I ended up was @ the Singapore River.. where people were just sittting around and watching the half empty tour boats zip by, a bridal car was parked outside the Fullerton Hotel, some Indian tourists were taking pictures at a bronze Bullock cart statue (if I remember correctly.. or was it Buffalo?). This was where I took that picture you see above. A picture among all those that I've taken that best described the mood that day.

If you look back another year, things were very different. The Tsunami of 26 Dec 2004 brought a sense of gloom and doom to the region and most of Asia. Troops and aid were to be shipped out to the affected areas in the days to come. Large scale fund raising was being carried out, and the world was in a frenzy. In contrasting this with 2005's last day... it was uneventful and boring, but it was a smooth transition into 2006 and I think we didn't mind one bit.

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