Monday, June 25, 2007

Same Same But Different

The date is 26 June 2007 - it's half past Midnight

I lead an average Joe life with an average Joe job, sometimes meeting up with my average Joe friends after work for a coffee and a I take an average Joe bus home to my average Joe home.

Switch on my avergae Joe computer and start chatting with my friends... and to my shock / surprise my friend reveals to me that she has read the WHOLE of my blog cos' she couldn't sleep one night.

"All about me 101" ...

Some conclusions are drawn about the kind of person I am.

Thankfully nothing incriminating or too embarrasing is uncovered. I look back at my entries with some amusement and humour.

Did I write all that crap?

It was all good.

I then remember a time, before this blog, vaguely.. that the material I wrote was rather depressing, this "alarmed" my friends who used words like "deep" to describe the content. This prompted a quick change and I deleted everything and wrote the happy stuff on my blog to keep people and myself entertained.

Since then I've never looked back,

Now I try hard to recall what I used to write about... is it a good thing that I have forgotten? Should I let the past be past?

- it's raining outside.. Cats and Dogs x 1,000,0000


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