Sunday, October 23, 2005

Back from the Land of Smiles

Sawasdee! :-)

traffic was a killer...actually, traffic ain't that bad, it may look packed like this at rush hour but the traffic moves.

Ah... home sweet home, just came back from Bangkok this evening.

Five days and four nights away in a colourful city of bazaars, street hawkers, crazy tuk tuk drivers, speeding taxis, shopping malls with SEEMINGLY ENDLESS floorspace, massage palours, Buddhist temples, jam packed roads, Go-Go Bars, giant bowls of sharksfin soup, piping hot tom yum goong, smiles with clasped hands and of course, tourists... lots of tourists just like us.

Five days and four nights of sleeping late, bacon and eggs for breakfast, walking and more walking, (intensive) bargaining, ice cream, shopping, walking, eating, shopping..... walking, eating, shopping... man I'm tired, but I promise that in a week or two I will do a follow up on this with the pictures that I've taken in Bangkok..

this is just a teaser.. ;p stay tuned!



At 8:07 AM, Blogger wen said...

Grrr.. I hate you so much! I wanna go back Thailand too!

Didn't realise how much I miss that place till u mention it.. Sigh.


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