Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Cheerleading Photos, 2005

This January I took my Olympus to NTU's Cheer Leading competition, I just wanted the experience of shooting at an event, since a competition like this is visually rich and stimulating.. photographer's field day.

I didn't shoot for any clubs or halls, so the photos just ended up being archived in my collection.

I did however send those I took of Hall15(my ex-hall) to their website and they said wow, very nice, thank u.. we will put them up.. blah blah, but until now, nothing - Knnbccb

Some of you may have seen these but I have decided to "reprise" some of them to showcase my work and here are (to me) the best 10 photos of that spectacular evening :)

A common theme...

Lets air those armpits!!

Top of the world

The Singaporean tongue reflex

I love this job!

Be still while I climb over your heads

Siao liao, my legs have cramped up.. cannot close already.. must maintain the smile

say cheeeeese

Tell them who's number 1

A mini standing ovation


At 12:21 PM, Anonymous Phil said...

Wow! Some great photos, (*eye candy) hahaha


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