Friday, October 08, 2004

Spitting blood...

IT has been about five hours since my wisdom tooth extraction, and its still bleeding.

What started out three weeks ago as sensitivity to cold drinks had gotten worse n worse. I told the dentist that the pain had started to radiate to the front, this he said wasnt a good thing at all. So he took an X-ray before the prodecure and the news broke, the molar rite in front of the wisdom tooth was Decaying...

Option 1: extract both at one go
implications -> be Bo-gay right at the back for the rest of my life. (One less tooth to chew with).

Option 2: extract only the wisdom tooth and have a Root canal job for the affected molar.
implications -> this would mean more trips to the dentist, more pain, No relief from the present pain even if i take out the wisdom tooth. No time for this cos my exams are in three weeks and i Need FULL CONCENTRATION (which i why i am not holding this off till after exams). No ice-cream. But i would get to keep the tooth.

I was going to have to make an Immediate decision. At this point, I already had my mouth jabbed and was feeling paralysed on the right side of my face. "Let's go, take both out" (Okay i didnt consider Long term, i.e. for the rest of my life). But given the proximity of the coming exams and my reluctance to take more pain.... i decided to take both out

It went more smoothly then i expected and i didnt feel a thing when he used the "pliers" to pull my teeth out.. then stitch stitch stitch... and it was all over.

The numbess has gone, and i can feel my lips again but the pain has not set in, Just some discomfort. I don't know, maybe its the effect of the oral pain killers..these little yellow tablets that i might have to rely on for the next couple of days...... .. .. ...


At 7:02 AM, Blogger Unique-a said...

You are gonna be hurting. I had mine out this summer and it hurt for at least a week! Even with pain killers. Sorry for the bad news.


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