Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Where Eagles Fly

Asian Aerospace 2006

Over the last week, Singapore opened her doors to the Asian Aerospace for the last time. Not missing the last few shows, this year was no exception as I made it down to Changi. The next AA will be held in Hong Kong and Singapore will come up with her own "Singapore Airshow". Some of the special attractions this year; The Airbus A380 (one large bird), F-15 Strike Eagle (Singapore's newly ordered fighter bomber) and..... and... that's about it... really....haha

BUT I did take some pictures and if you didn't pay 21 dollars to catch the show... here are some of the highlights

F-15 Strike Eagle doing her flips and turns, agile and fast, this all-weather strike fighter entered service in 1988 and has proven itself to be a formidable foe in many theatres of combat.


The Highly Anticipated Airbus A380, the largest commercial plane to date topping the Boeing 747.

Donning the SIA colours which proudly announce "first to fly" the A380

The Apache Man; The AH-64D Apache Longbow Helicoptor made her appearance at the AA. These aircraft boast a whole arsenal of rockets and hellfire missiles to kick the shit out of enemy armour. I won't want to be sitting in a Tank with an Apache lurking behind the treeline.

Silver Bullets; Right out of some vampire slaying movie, these rounds are 30mm in diameter- To be used on the Apache's M230 Gun.

Nice nose; One of the other planes at the show. Not only were military planes on display, there were a host of other planes like trainers and private jets on show.

Bold Tigers

The KC-135 StratoTanker, Is an air-to-air refueling plane. "Petrol" kiosks in mid air, these guys extend the reach of Airpower to ensure that the airforce gets anywhere, anytime.

Sexy Beast; One of my favourite planes, the B-1B Lancer is a long range strategic bomber in service with the USAF.

Together with the B-52 Stratofortress and the B-2 Spirit, they form the backbone of the US' long range bomber force.

See you at the Singapore Airshow in a few years time! I hope that whatever comes after AA would not only match up to it, but surpass the standards that we have gotten used to for such a long time.

Monday, February 20, 2006


Sunday, February 05, 2006

I'm getting fatter and fatter

CNY is over and so is the string of long weekends and holidays since the end of December.

Time for some serious 5 day work weeks, no more gambling (with my ass luck i'm not getting anywhere in a card game), no more stuffing my face.

Ever since I started working I haven't been exercising. Very bad.

I dread the day I'm called up for IPPT. I've never really been athletic, until my army days where we where all whipped into shape, that was when I reached my peak in fitness. Since then it has been downhill all the way. Now I look back and ask how the fuck did I do all that?

But I don't have the time to exercise what!!

BULLSHIT, if you want to, you will make time,

nothing like a good ol' run or swim

or maybe I should just get one of these...

OSIM iGallop

Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Musician

Singapore Conference Hall, 27th Jan 2006

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