Sunday, November 20, 2005

Eight more days to Pay day

I'm quite uninspired now, so no new pictures, no interesting posts.

I've been working for about three weeks already and tomorrow is the start of another work week. I've been busting my brains as the learning curve is very steep and having friendly and patient colleagues who entertain my dumbass questions is definitely a good thing. It's still too early to say whether I love my job or hate it but all I can say at the moment is that I find the work challenging and tiring but satisfying.

note to self; Bring computer speakers along to the office tomorrow.

Seven thoughts on no particular subject

1) The Exorcism of Emily Rose is a freaky movie, esp when she contorts her body.

2) The 2005 Durex sex survey shows that the Japanese do it least often, at a mere 45 times a year. But how is it possible? I thought the Japanese are known for being more perverted (i.e. they indulge in lots of fetishes). We came to a conclusion that they spend their time doing everything else but fucking, like puking, shitting and pissing on each other, sado masochistic acts, cumming in each other's faces... etc.

3) BTW, to add to my previous point, Singaporeans fuck a mere 73 times a year, which so happens to be 2nd last in ranking. WHY why? There was a time when people had more siblings, that was when kampongs were around. There was no entertainment after dark. So grandma and grandpa had only one thing to do. Right now, there are so many good shows on TV.

4) Crazy Horse is coming to town! but a bit expensive leh... 80 to 100 plus per person leh, maybe I'd settle for Hooters, which is in the same area.

5) I just learnt that the record for fastest SMSer was not broken in today's competition, and you guessed it... A young Singaporean lady by the name of Kimberly Yeo holds the Guinness World Record she set in 2004. I guess, while we don't boast the fastest runners and swimmers like Kenya and Australia do but we sure do have the fastest thumbs in the frickin' world. Ain't that something to be proud off!!

6) The Lions lost to Vietnam 2-1 today. Not that I care but I would have been a MUCH MUCH bigger fan if Singapore didn't leave the Malaysia Cup ten years ago. The subsequent S-league that was formed SUCKED. The spirit for supporting your own country was lost as I could not imagine supporting a team that represented a small area like Sembawang or Geylang in an already dot sized country. I've never watched football ever since. Still, goodluck boys, don't get trashed too badly.

7) Last week, I ordered a "small coke" from Mc Donald's. The cashier charged me only 1 dollar. WHOA.. the price went down?! I thought to myself... cannot be la... It used to be something like $1.70 $1.90??? I was soon to be disappointed, the size of the coke also got reduced. I was given a "tiny coke" instead. I think Mac should have a new size classification; "tiny" tiny fries, tiny cheese burgers, tiny nuggets, tiny sundaes, tiny packets of ketchup, tiny hot cakes, tiny sausage mcmuffins and of course... TINY BREAKFAST.


At 8:32 AM, Blogger chocolate said...

heh. mctiny...

btw i've pics of the hall 8 kittens on my blog =)

At 7:26 AM, Anonymous gi said...

Funny le...

is that a banner... watever la.. brings so much life to this blog..

At 9:23 PM, Blogger siyang said...


are u saying my blog is otherwise dead? hehe... i love that pic too, it's one of my favourite shots


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