Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My Place on the map

First things first;
Happy Birthday Singapore! You've come a long way and even though most Singaporeans are so fond of complaining away... about anything and everything, I sure deep down inside, they are appreciative and grateful.

I'm quite uninspired recently.. I don't know why,

Anyway here are some pictures taken at the new National Library a couple of weeks ago.

Did you know, there is a place in China that has the same name as me? It's spelt "Siyang"

It's in Jiangsu.. sometime ago those guys on MTV visited a place in the USA called Mianus, I couldn't find it on the Atlas (I forgot the spelling and went looking for Myanus instead - because it's pronounced that way). Damn, I would have taken a picture of Mianus if I could. It sure is hard to find Mianus.

I was browsing when I noticed someone stalking me through the book shelves...wtf

Chey!!... It's only Charlotte :p


At 7:21 AM, Anonymous Siew Yin said...

:D Hey dude, to add to your ego trip... do you know you have a soup named after you? Make a guess!
Give up?
"Si yang cai tang" ... hahhaha..
Got it?


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