Thursday, November 11, 2004

Space-Time Warp

Three more papers to go, lets see, the day that just past was Deepavali, Hari Raya is coming up this sunday and we are right smack in the middle of the exams. How... how can we expect our Hindu and Muslim friends who are taking exams to have the peace of mind to go VISITING!!! wtf.. anyway i wish you people happy holidays.

In fact these two holidays dont mean any rest for me, i got up today and took a walk to school, no shuttle buses there... everything is the same in NTU, except maybe a little quieter on a public holiday. Down the long road past hall 9... then 8, pass the bus stop where this dude was checking the shuttle bus schedule pasted on the pillar, wishful thinking.. he wont be finding scheduled services, no.. not today. The dude took off right as i passed him. Engineering Mathematics textbook in hand, Kreyzig to be precise, the 50 dollar brick of a book we were all "conned" into buying back in second year. His look worn out, quite contrasting to his youthful and fresh looks, must be a second hand or a hand me down from one of his seniors.

Few steps down the road he turned around, looked at me with his bespectacled eyes, slightly curly hair and spoke in madarin, instantly giving his nationality.. , "What's the date today?" I was taken back for a split second, i was anticipating somthing to the tune of "what time is it" not time travel questions like What day is it!? "11th" i replied the China dude and he walked back in the opposite direction.. not sure myself.. i said "I THINK SO!" Perhaps he realised there wasnt a need to go to school today, or his paper was tomorrow. He turned back as he parted and shot "Is a public holiday right?".. "Yes" I smiled back.

Kind of reminds me of the movies, the joker goes back in time.. wakes up in a strange place but can't put his finger on what's wrong, goes up to the local caveman "what year is it?" 200BC... But it's not surprising, considering that this "time amnesia" happened to me last saturday when i almost went too late to visit the Doctor. Well, strange things do happen in the fog of war.. haha


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