Thursday, October 14, 2004

Happy Birthday Mr Chan and
The View from my room..

Yesterday 14 oct was my 24th birthday. ITs a time when everyone is busy, and its been like this for the past i dont know how many frickin years because the exams have always gotten in the way, Thats what happens to babies born in the October November months...thus it has most of the time been sort of a non-event, but i still had a lot of well wishes and SMSes pouring in.. and for that i am thankful. Special mention to my sis and Claire who presented me with a surprise "cake" and took my mind away from the pain in my mouth due to the Ulcers after my dental op last week ;p

Aside from that i think that Librans rock, as i've been recently reminded that we are pple of Grace and Charm (at least that's something i would like to believe). John Lennon was a Libran and Cliff Richard and Natelie Maines of the Dixie Chicks both share the same bday as me.....

I would now like to leave u with some pictures that i have taken from the corridor of my hostel room @ NTU Hall 10. Its a helluva climb to my room, six stories up (excluding the mini hill that it stands on) and no less than a hundred steps, but the view is great here

A storm over the Bukit Timah area

Morning sun

The way to the bathroom

Red roofs

Clouds overhead......


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