Tuesday, October 19, 2004

3:50 Am, Lets See what's in the news...

TV presenter Cheryl Fox cleared of suspected drug taking

"Channel NewsAsia presenter Cheryl Fox has been cleared of suspected drug consumption. The Central Narcotics Bureau confirmed that a second urine test found no traces of drugs. Ms Fox was released on personal bond on October 8 after an initial urine test came out negative."

Not a very flattering picture. Cheryl Fox, my favourite news presenter... she recently got called in for drug tests but was cleared. But i bet people would look at her differently from now on.. or at least for a while. It makes u wonder if Looks really are deceiving. But after this she's still my fav ;p

Raffles Institution to get new principal

"Raffles Institution will soon get its 24th headmaster since it was founded in 1823. On December 15, Mr Bob Koh Chin Nguang will replace Mr Wong Siew Hoong, who will be taking up a senior appointment in the Ministry of Education Headquaters. Mr Wong has been RI's headmaster for the last six years"

Why do I care? Why dosen't Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School or Boon Lay Secondary School get a mention when pricipals pass the torch? i wonder what is Mrs Molly Tan doing now? (Mrs Molly Tan was my school principal)... i wish mr Bob goodluck, hope u do well enough to maintain the standard to get a mention when u leave the school.

Second trainer denies dunking commando trainees

"The second commando officer charged with causing the death of 2nd Sergeant Hu En Huai has taken the stand. Lieutenant Divanandhari claims he does not remember dunking Sergeant Hu and was not involved in dunking Captain Ho Wan Huo, who nearly drowned. This is exactly the same testimony given by the first commando trainer - Lieutenant Ng Chin Fong."

How convenient it is when no body recalls... i wonder how the next accused trainer will testify. Looks like they need the help of Grissom and friends from CSI.. reopen the crime scene and interview all the mosquitoes and wildboars present at that time. Or maybe put all of them on a Polygraph and start the interview by asking silly questions like.. 'who's ur mama' or 'what is 5x6+2x8+13-(4e^6)/c where c is the speed of light'... Don't worry sir I just wanna see your mind's reaction to thinking, as lies are calculated....

just like you see in the movies...

News headlines and excerpts taken from http://www.channelnewsasia.com/


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