Monday, November 01, 2004


Last week was my first time. IT was my first time in my whole life drinking Brand's essence of chicken. Considered an exam staple by many many school going children in Singapore's long and arduous education system (that spans a good part of 20years), I choose to try it only in the final year of University. Better late then never..

It seems that many 'genuises' in school drink it, my roomate is one of them, who heard that it packs the power of a hundred chickens. So i decided to buy a trial bottle ($3.20). I didnt wanna get the whole box of six yet, just in case i had adverse reactions to it (for example, turning into a chicken or develoring lao sai).

First bottle, thursday morning... open.. sip.. gulp gulp.. BLEAH.. tastes like shit (actually like concentrated chicken soup) but the taste didnt stay and luckily its a small bottle. I waited for the 'effects' to kick in, expecting a rush of energy like Asterix drinking the druid's potion or the gummy bears taking Gummy bearry juice. Nothing.

However, i was particularly awake that day and alert too. I guess that must be why it's so popular, plus no side effects... yet... Falling to the pressure of kiasurism, I decided to buy a box from my room mate who's parents brought him three or four boxes for him so far. (read: OD-ing on essence of :p)

Three more days to go.. the clock is ticking

I heard this on one of Frasier's episodes,
'if Less is more, just imagine how much more More would be'
Goodnite seattle!


At 8:05 PM, Blogger fio said...

hey if u wanna take, it's better to alternate (as if days) ur consumption... or else will get too "heaty" ... i think so leh.. i heard my mom say before..

At 3:56 AM, Blogger chocolate said...

yuck! sounds disgusting! hahaha...
A'levels was the first time i drank bird's nest and that was only because there was extra at home. haha... essence of chicken... have yet to try it. =p


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