Saturday, October 02, 2004

a day in the life of me... 4weeks before the exams....

The day starts with, water and a sugar coated cream cracker..... no time to make a hot cup of milo, so if my lesson is at 1030 i get up at 930.....i grab a charsiew bao from the canteen if i can...

lessons until the end of the day... with breaks in between of course,
still i try not to nod off into sleep... -end of lessons: 1830 *tired

dinner and then lame project meeting at 1900.. this lasts till 2100..

the day's not over yet.. time to hit the books... i sit at the canteen table trying to absorb but i dont get anywhere, Close my EYES for 20minutes.. its 2120. The canteen vendors have started to extend thier opening hours to serve those hard at work... If i was an angel like in movie, City of Angels (they could Hear the thoughts of people).. i think i would be able to hear a jumble of voices.. a constant buzz of minds thinking aloud.... above the slience of the cool canteen air.

so i grab a 50cent LARGE cup of coffee... and being recharged after my mini-nap i blaze into the night... stopping to look at my handphone clock, ITs only midnite.. perhaps i can go on a for another 2 hours...

0200... hmmm pushing it.... think i gotta stop here. i have classes tomorrow... 20-25mins walk back to hall... eat an apple...... take a shower, brush my teeth

turn on the pc to see which late bird is still online.. but most pple are snoozing by now... surf the net for another hour... its 0400!!! ah late... time to get ready for the same routine tomorrow.. in the words of my navy diver trained friend "same shit different day"

gdnite world...


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