Saturday, September 20, 2003

didnt post in a long time,
i just realised this week that they are showing "Homicide:Life on the streets" on channel I... wow.. they're showing re-runs but i miss that show, its probably one of my mOst favourite programs on TV...

they used to screen it weekly about five or six years ago on channel 12... the world in the show revolves around the Homicide department in the city of Baltimore, no action packed sequences... but its almost handheld camera work makes it realistic and down to earth. It deals alot with human relations and the morality of certain issues. The charaters (mainly the detectives) in the show are well developed too.....okok.. so that was a poor attempt at trying to write a program review :) .... but if u have the time you might want to check it out.. 1230am mondays to fridays on channel I


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