Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Old Soldier

so tired tired tired....

I just returned to camp this week to resume my national service after 3 years of studying.. and suay suay this whole week the boys are going to the school of Cockmandos at Changi for High Confidence Course training..

so I have to follow lor...

climb here and there, jump here jump there... luckily I didnt have to demo much due to my lack of currency, spent today dispatching people off the flying fox

In fact so many things have changed during these three years, here are a few

1) The lunch packets used to tabao food rations have changed from styrofoam boxes to thin biodegradeable card board boxes (2 thumbs up!!)

2) The faces have changed..all the NSFs are younger than me... I looked at one guy's camp pass and he was born in '86.. oh my goodness... im such an old soldier

3) The tonner has gotten bigger, formerly called 3 tonners (those big army trucks),they are now called 5 tonners. These beasts are huge and can carry a third or even double the number of troops the 3 tonners used to carry. In fact I had the chance to sit in one today.

Now equipped with air conditioned cabins, the seats tower above all the other vehicles, three side view mirrors on the passenger side. The driver pumped in his Jay Chou music as we steamed down the expressway. I could feel the power of the engine as it accelerated, only to be restricted and restrained by the imposed speed limit. It felt like I was riding a tamed beast. A wild animal on a leash.

4) my mind is fried now.. cannot think of anything else.. haha

Meanwhile u can try this "Quiz".. :-)

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At 8:25 AM, Anonymous Phil said...

5 tonners are much easier to drive compared to 3 tonner which sucs big time. Can die from driver that. How come got radio in the vehicle? It's suppose to violate the rules. Orh.... u v-com nvr check.... lol.....

At 6:05 AM, Blogger siyang said...

:-O? violation? what a pity haha... driving w/o a radio is such a bore man... but if u can get away with it, who cares.. :p


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