Thursday, June 09, 2005

Drilling My Brain

It's been 2 days and the drilling has not stopped. I want to take the drill and drive it into his balls....

Sounds like, someone in the opposite block has decided to redo his whole flooring and is giving his flat an extreme makeover... and it's not even going be Chinese new year yet. I guess he is trying to get it done before the 7th month Hungry Ghost festival

what's wrong with the floor? Bloodstains? Murder just took place in your home?

my goodness... Singaporeans are spoilt man..



Yesterday, LOST premiered on Channel 5. I didn't intend to catch it at first thinking that it would be a dumb-survivor-like average drama. Basically it's about a group of 40 odd plane crash survivors trapped on a strange island.

Sounds boring rite?

NO... the first episode already poses a whole list of questions for us to think about and showcases a myriad of interesting characters.

1) What's the strange thing/beast that's roaming the jungles, scaring the shit out of the people, the thing that grabbed the pilot from the cockpit and left him all bloodied in the tree?

2) A polar bear in the middle of the jungle?!?!

3) The ex-Iraqi Republican Guard soldier "Syed"? He has shown to be useful to the team being the communications expert, how will he fit in? Is his friendliness a front? Is his background a cause for suspicion?

4) The female lead, "Kate" who was a prisoner on the plane. She escaped the clutches of her minder (the injured US marshall) in the first episode. The others do not know her past and her status as a prisoner. Her ability to lead and mix with the others has lowered their guard against her and gain sympathy from the audience. But the marshall has come round and is looking for her. What secrets does she hold? Is she a dangerous person?

5) The Korean couple who can't speak English. Will their language barrier be a liability to the team? Do they have any special skills?

6) The drug addict rocker "Charlie", no drugs on this island for you man.. cold turkey anyone?

7) The menacing ah beng fella, everyone thinks he's an asshole but is tolerant of his ways, barely. In the first episode, he shot the charging polar bear dead. Will he help save the day again?

8) The male lead "Jack" a doctor who is trying to keep all this shit together, what problems will he face?

9) The botak old man who seems to be very knowledgeable but is just taking it easy while the others scurry around. I got a feeling he will rise to the occasion when the time comes, or will he?

10) Lastly, the strangest and most disturbing development: the survivors have picked up a looping distress signal being broadcast from the island itself. Yes, someone else seemed to be asking for help. It was an eerie message in French of the voice of a woman calling for help, the message also said that the rest have been killed. Spine chilling news to the survivors.

Also, the message has been playing continuously for 16 years.. yes.. that long. How can it transmit for so long? They had to have a sustainable power supply. This is no ordinary island. Are we looking at some other dimension? Will they meet the same fate as the other party calling for help?

Will they ever be found?


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