Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Honours classification

I got my results yesterday, A A B B B C C... 2nd class honours (lower division)

lower division? sounds like the people living under the expressway, or a lousy soccer team.. anyway it's over and done with, and i'm happy.. happy that i have finished the course.

They say that the people from NTU are motivated negatively (by fear), I think it's true. Fear of failing, fear of losing out to the hordes of people from china and india. Because their "freakishly extraordinary" performance will affect the way the marks are moderated, leaving us, the good sons and daughters of Singapore to kio the sai (pick up the leftovers).

Actually, this system of moderation is just pure speculation, yes.. Disclaimer: let me iterate that i did not say moderation actually takes place. I am only saying that it is speculated, so i don't want anybody coming round to sue me.

In fact, almost everything about the system and the way things are done here (from the way students are graded to the way our degrees are classified) is as clear as a fucking brick wall.. trying to see through it, is pure foolishness. We have long learnt to accept things as they are, not to question the system and obey obey obey.

Look at the honours classification, we have been having no indication whatsoever throughout the duration of studies to tell us.. "MAYDAY MAYDAY.. you are NOT going to get any honours if you carry on like that, hanging out after school and fishing on weekends." NO, it is only made known on the day you check your results for the last time. NO GPA (Grade Point Average - like what NUS and other world class universities have).

However, thanks to the new head, Su Guaning, the GPA is going to be implemented soon... we won't be there to "enjoy" it.

Regarding the name of the school, there has been a debate in the not too distant past about whether it should stay "Nanyang Technological University" or have it revert back to its old "Nan Tah". If my memory serves me well, I think they have decided not to change it back.

This is how I feel, I want it to remain...leave it please!!! NTU is not a hotel. Hotels change names all the time when the management changes. Besides, Nan Tah sounds silly and the people who studied in that era all HAD their fun days and school spirit. Folks... I hate to break it to you but, it's OVER. Dude, we will never have the the same school spirit again. What Nan Tah spirit you tell me? I've never felt it a single day i was there. If you want to reflect the spirit now, I would recommend a change of name to "Beijing University (Singapore Branch)"

Is this how I thank the school for my three years of education here?

My answer is, The school is made up of people, there are people whom i want to thank and there are people who are better off contributing somewhere else. The people whom i want to thank are my family, friends and classmates.. they stuck by me, studied through the night with me and waded through the shit with me (it might be nothing compared to the future that awaits me) but shit it still is. I also want to thank the good lecturers and tutors, those that made learning fun and really imparted knowledge. Those who can't pronounce english properly, I suggest you consider using a voice synthesizer to help you articulate or perhaps you can teach at NUS to bring down their standard. How's that for school spirit!

Singaporeans complaining over a smoke
(yes we like to complain, it's - Uniquely Singapore!)


At 7:51 AM, Blogger geraniumx said...

heya.....congrats to you too! so now that u've graduated....what are ur plans for your future? oops....nope nope... i meant holis? got go travelling or what?

At 9:51 AM, Blogger siyang said...

thanks.. :)

the army has a plan for me... they have planned that i go back to camp until the end of october.. hehe

At 9:09 PM, Blogger geraniumx said...

hahaha..... not bad lah, at least u dun have to start thinking of what to do next.....


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