Thursday, May 19, 2005


Chalet - a six letter word most Singaporean teens and young adults are familiar with, to each person, the word conjures different memories and experiences.. among those are memories of card games, mahjong, not sleeping at all and booze... yes booze, lots of it

place; Costa sands east coast
time; last weekend

It seemed like an impossible task to finish eight bottles of liquor, we had absolut vodka, chivas, martel vsop, jim beam and tequila... but given 2 nights and twenty over people.. we finished all but one bottle of vodka.. along the way some of my friends merlion-ed.. it's an awful sight.

One moment my friend John (name has been changed to protect his identity) is all high, laughing and cheering.. then the next moment he reaches for an NTUC plastic bag and Bleeeaaahh.. BLLooooghhh.., he decides to sit up.. BBBBlllooogggghhh, the white stuff spills all over his shirt. Then, as if by command, the well trained "puke damage control team" kicks in, they get ready flasks of water to wash the place up, someone runs to get a clean shirt and a glass of water is prepared for him.

So he sits there, an image of depression and emptiness, a stark contrast of his boisterous side just a moment ago. It's as if his body had reached a breaking point and it was down hill from there as it began to reject the alcohol. No more for you tonight.

I've gotten pretty high before, but i still haven't puked from it.. I won't allow myself to, i guess there are limits to enjoyment and drinking.. if it impinges on someone else's fun because he has to clean up after me, then that would be over the limit.

Anyhow, it was a great outing complete with a BBQ to celebrate the end of our exams and beginning of a new life outside school. I will miss those days.

I've always wanted to do a montage of this sort, hahaha

"the junwei Mc Donald speech"

what lies ahead for all of us? i hope it's blue skies everyday

Took this from Bedok jetty in the rain, the clouds swallowing up the sun and my beautiful Singapore as it approaches the coastline...


At 9:09 AM, Anonymous gi said...

great great photography.
love the one at the beach... beautiful colours.... =)


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