Saturday, May 28, 2005

so fast!!

the singapore idler is pleased to announce that he is finally using broadband...

thanks mum.. :)

yes, imagine the endless possibilities, no more snail paced dial-ups and having to stop using for pple who want to use the phone, no more having to pay for the phone bill for local call charges when the internet is in use.

now the page loads in the blink of an eye..

i read in the papers earlier this week that they are opening up the broadband market to more players, that is a good sign.. and it's about fucking time man.

Singnet is charging 40plus for a 512kbps subscription whereas hongkong is charging i think 30plus for a 10Mbps service, that is about 20times faster than 512!! why the large disparity? the hongkongers are getting it cheaper!!!

I am already unhappy that dial-up is more expensive than broadband (if you include the phone line charges) i guess singnet is using this to 'force' users to make the switch to broadband... users like me

but what's new, it's like one of those set meal specials at a fastfood joint where just buying the burger is probably gonna cost more



that aside, i've been out kayaking at the changi sea sports club... and i'm so tired now... one more day to go for this 2 star course!

the 'motion of the ocean' seems to be staying with me even after i have left the water.. can feel myself rocking from left to right, up and down, back and forth

we came across some sailing boats moored outside the changi sailing club and as we sailed through the 'parking lot' i looked at their beautiful white hulls and i was amazed at the lovely names they give their boats.

Sweat Phoenix, Rainbow dream.. there was even one named "Kiss me again" lots of kissing on that one..

then there were the conventional female names like Kristina and Jenny.. eveytime i see the name jenny, two images come to my mind; The auntie who used to sell food at my old camp's Mess, her name was jenny. and a really big breasted girl who's face looked like it had hit a tree. please, i need to know more Jennys to overwrite these two disturbing images.. at least now i can think of the boat when i hear the name Jenny

I wonder what i will name a boat if i had one.. i might call it "sea bitch" or "spongebob's pineapple" or "bang me again" or "sweet p****"


At 3:23 AM, Anonymous gi said...

On da contrary...
the jennys i know are chio leh...
congrats to getting broadband u slow poke!

At 6:13 AM, Blogger siyang said...

hehe.. at last :)


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