Sunday, April 03, 2005

Never gonna

When you buy something, ever thought about what goes on behind the scenes? (I'm not talking about how they do the dishes at a hawker centre.) I'm sure what you see is all cut and dried, packaged and presented to suit your tastes. Trendy, stylish... cool

I downloaded and watched this clip from HALL15 's website about how fur coats are made. What i saw deeply disturbed and saddened me TO THE CORE. The animals were bludgeoned and stripped of thier skin while still alive and kicking. I've never seen anything more evil than this.

For those who already own or intend to adourn themselves with furs, please watch this and tell me if you ever want to buy a fur coat again. For those who are curious, please watch this and tell me if there is even an ounce of right or goodness in this.


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